Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Love does not fade

The bride is veiled in grey,
Colorful linens beneath,
Waits for the chosen one,
To lift her veil and breathe.

Breathe his love on her face,
His love is sweltering hot,
We see them do it every day,
But love we see not.

Dressed in blue, brown and green,
With grey over snowy white,
Waits eagerly for the chosen one,
That silent, beautiful wife.

Out he comes, into the black,
Dressed in yellow bright,
Lifts the veil slowly with love,
And all the world is light.

Every day they do the same,
But love does not fade,
Earth and sun love each other,
Why humans can’t do same?


  1. Earth n Sun ,, then y dont we ? Wow.. Beutifully written doc.. :)

  2. Beautiful observation and beautifully written