Friday, 22 March 2013

The Katju Conundrum

90% Indians are fools,
Katju thundered,
Everyone looked at others,
Coyly wondered,
Am I in the majority?
Or the minor smarty,
Is this why in power?
The congress party,
A cat was let loose,
Like rats we scampered,
Those claims of our greatness,
Lay there tampered,
A nation outraged,
Tweeted abuse,
Katju was on fire,
Not amused,
And as the time passed,
Katju kept speaking,
Like a motor went his mouth,
Verbal diarrhea peaking,
And then he let loose,
The Sanjay Dutt volley,
A nation doubled over,
On the fact so jolly,
A nation breathed free,
Like a lion escaped from zoo,
Those 90% idiots,
Included Katju too.

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