Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Fading Colors

Today, the country stands colored,
Rainbow faces everywhere,
Colored are the streets,
And color is in the air.

All hate lies forgotten,
All enmities are blurred,
Love is smeared on faces,
And every heart is colored.

Every step is a dance,
Music emanates in every word,
Sweetened are the tones,
And sweetness is served.

But underneath this mirage,
Lies the reality harsh,
The colors of life are faded,
And red are only scars.

A nation lies entrapped,
In its own rainbow lies,
Cause colored isn’t the face,
Of every infant who dies.

White are the faces,
All color drained by fear,
Wrinkled like a paper,
Bleached by the tears.

And try as we may,
To hide it all today,
The color is fast fading,
The future is dull grey.

But hope is still afloat,
And hold we pastel shades,
We will paint this world,
We, the youth of today.

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  1. Very nice. Powerful imagery also. I love your writing style. Check out my blog xxx