Saturday, 20 August 2016

Enemies in my home

Who do I take a bullet for?
Why do I go into a war?
Why do I leave my family behind?
Why do I stay awake at night?
Who is it I am trained to fight?
Answers are all that I try to find.
I can see my enemies, right in front of me,
I am wearing a vest, so his bullets won't hurt me,
And yet I fall down, bleeding through my back,
Disbelief in eyes, hollow in my chest,
I feel a searing pain, shooting through my soul,
You can treat my wounds, but I'll never be whole,
I gunned down a foe, just before I fell,
I watch you cry for him, Why? I cannot tell.
Why do I give up my life?
Tell me for whom I sacrifice?
How do I end up being ignored?
Treated like a murderer,
Tell me how do you infer,
As I fall bleeding down on floor.
I can see my enemies, right in front of me,
But I don't see the reason, for your enmity,
I can fight a war, I can brave the bombs,
Sadly am not trained to face the enemy's pawns.
Tell me am I wrong, in defending you,
I read your words demonishing, all that I do,
Who do I take a bullet for, am not really sure,
There's an enemy in my home, like I've never faced before.