Thursday, 24 January 2013

It is your life

Just staring up at the ceiling,
You get in self the feeling,
Crawling, crumbling and kneeling,
Life feels so hollow.
No reason for you to live on,
Everyone shouting 'just give up',
You have to counter and live up,
Their voices will fall low.
It is your life, you have
the power to decide,
The path you will take,
Will be dark or of light.
It is your life, you have
to choose your own fate,
Will you fade into unknown?
Or glimmer as a great?
They will try to pull you down,
Push you in the sea to drown,
Desperate to make you frown,
Make you feel miserable.
Everytime you think of fighting,
They will try push you in hiding,
You have to escape like a lightning,
Script your own fable.
It is your life, you have
the power to write,
Pen your own story where
your every move is right.
It is your life, you have
your own song to sing,
Want to be just an audience,
Or want to be a king?

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Nuclear Holocaust

The world is burning bright,
It is not the sun which gives this light,
We have put a stop to all our fight,
The world is sure burning bright.

The sky is all covered in clouds,
But don’t expect any rains around,
We can no longer hear any sound,
The sky is sure all covered in clouds.

It is not the silence of the peace,
No doves are resting atop the trees,
We all are crawling on our knees,
Is it night? Is it day? We just can’t see.

It’s the holocaust,
Why the air feels so hot?
It’s the holocaust,
And the mankind is forever lost,
It’s the holocaust,
We have brought about our own fall,
The god lies dead in front,
Who will hear our distress call?

The buildings are all crumbling down,
They were once a part of a breathing town,
The faces are all powdered like a clown,
The buildings sure are crumbling down.

That ring belongs to someone’s mom,
Wait! I know where that finger’s from,
The rest seems to be blown in the storm,
But that ring sure belonged to my mom.

We have no answers at the time,
We lay wearing mud and grime,
Thinking of future seems a crime,
Yes, we have no answers at the time.

It’s the holocaust,
All the fishes sleep on the land,
It’s the holocaust,
The birds are perching on dead sand,
It’s the holocaust,
We have brought about our own fall,
And the god lies dead in front,
Who will hear our distress call?

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Arise, awaken and break free

What is your caste?
Does it matter anyway?
Rise my nation, rise,
Kick this mindset away.
What is your religion?
Does it make you big or small?
Dig my nation, dig,
It’s time to bury it all.
Somebody said,
We all bleed and cry if hurt,
When we fall,
We all get up laden with dirt.

Rise my friends, rise,
Rise above this hypocrisy,
Live my country, live,
Live in a true democracy.

What is your caste?
Does it make you feel great?
Wake my nation, wake,
Let’s get out of this state.
What is your region?
Does it make you feel a king?
Forget my dear, forget,
Forget such petty things.
We all breathe,
We all take in the same air,
We all laugh if happy,
We all sulk in despair.

Rise my countrymen, rise,
Learn to love everyone,
Live my people, live,
Live a single religion.

The religion called humanity,
Let us all be one, let us all be free,
Pick the path to sanity,
Break the shackles, fly away free.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

What kind of patriotism is this?

When borders are warmed by the war,
Heart beats hard and blood is boiled,
When lives are laid down at the altar,
Only then our patriotism begins to rise.

The houses of heroes are thronged,
Rallies are held, rewards announced,
Tears are shed, speeches are made,
Guns stop and none is around.

Ashes cool and none care for them,
Who cares for those real sons of soil?
Who cares for those they left behind?
Why does then, our patriotism dies?

What kind of love for country is this?
What kind of unworthy sons we are?
We strangulate our mother every-day,
We fast for her during the war.

On august the 15th and 26th Jan,
And when a war movie is screened,
We chant the praise of motherland,
And rest days we forget it seems.

Songs are played and words are said,
Only to be forgotten the day after,
The paper flag that flutters with pride,
Is dumped around hither and thither.

What kind of patriotism is this?
Selfish and opportunistic to core,
Our love is like those waves in sea,
Rising high and dying on shore.

Will times change, will the day come?
When patriotism will be redefined,
When we will rise above the self,
The day mother India will smile.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Zombie republic of India

I walk in streets and look around,
I look around in fear,
The wind is chilled, the sun is dead,
And I can feel them near,
And I can sense them breathing,
Breathing down my neck,
Drooling with saliva,
I can feel their tongue is wet,
I freeze in desperation,
Knowing they will bite,
It happens in every corner,
Every day, every night.
They are all zombies, zombies,
I am tasted every day,
They are all zombies, zombies,
They bite me every way,
You all are zombies, zombies,
Don’t you say you are not,
Everyone’s a zombie, zombie,
Humanity is lost.
They are all zombies, zombies
Tearing us like a meat,
They are all zombies, zombies,
Making their sisters bleed,
You all are zombies, zombies,
Love eating the women,
You all are zombies, zombies,
Shame on all you men.


Women are unsafe, but look at what they’re worried about,
Don’t dress in that, against our culture, should not be allowed,
People are dying; cold and hungry,
Housewives crying; worried and angry,
But all they can think of is how to crush our dissent,
Invitations to those who fund terror are being sent.

What is wrong?
What is wrong with all of you?
We are a nation,
A nation with more pressing issues.

Girls are still being slaughtered,
We still drink dirty water,
But all we get to hear from our leaders,
Need a temple for all 'Ram' believers,
And then the others shout, we won’t let that be,
Muslims need a mosque, and not bread and money,
But who cares what the Indians want,
Fear of crime continues to haunt,
We are afraid of stepping out of house,
They stay safe in their cages like a mouse.

They make the noise if they lose their car,
Our bodies are but a godown of the shards,
And we have none but self to blame,
Crown them king, again and again.

They gulp down our money; cases go on and on,
Our drinking water is sprinkled in their lawn,
But all we get to see is waving of the flags,
Cutting of ribbons, for projects that will lag,
Roads that won’t be built, tracks that won’t be laid,
Money that won’t be spent, but will be shown as paid,
But who cares what we Indians need,
They have their whole coterie to feed,
And only time when they speak in unity,
Is when they vote to raise their salaries.

They launch the ads, preaching ‘save the fuel, hey man’,
While they travel in their lengthy caravans,
And we have none but ourselves to blame,
Make their son a prince, and things stay the same.

It is all wrong,
It is all wrong for the nation,
It is all wrong,
We are heading for termination,
It is all wrong,
If this is democracy, it’s a lie,
We stay trapped,
In the web of dynasties, like a fly.