Monday, 14 January 2013


She is battered, she is beaten,
She has to bear the brunt,
She is cursed, she is hurt,
Blamed for how things have turned.
She is the mother,
She’s the daughter,
She’s the sister,
She is the wife,
She is the hand that rocks the cradle,
A part of every life, yet it’s a surprise.

She is sadly the burden,
He wanted to get rid of,
So he puts her up for sale,
In a matrimonial shop.
He packs her away with him,
Never bothering to think,
Pays a fortune to say bye,
Leaves her to drown and sink.

She was never sent to school,
Can’t help her kids to read,
Yet somehow she gets blamed,
When grades begin to weep,
She wakes up before the sun,
To clean and cook a meal,
She sleeps last at the night,
Crushed under his heels.

She is just a toy for them,
Stripped naked and raped,
She is blamed for all his faults,
How his destiny is shaped,
She keeps on taking all,
The curses, canes and boots,
She was born with the sorry fate,
Thrown out of plane, no parachute.


  1. Gosh! That disturbs me a lot. But then, the Indian patriarchal society still views women as doormats. You rightly narrate the present status of women in the society.

  2. Very nicely depicted in words what is the state of women in this country.
    If at all, we could have some impact on society by our constant signals and messages, it would have been different. But as usual, the culprits refuse to pay heed to any plea.

    Great flow of words. Continue to sharpen your skill by regular writing. It is important to write on socially relevant issues.
    Keep writing :))