Monday, 14 January 2013

Boundaries we divide

I walked out in sun, looking at the land,
Under the trees, feet feeling the sand,
Wanting to be a part of the view grand,
Till I was stopped by show of a hand,
And then the thought crossed through my mind,
Boundaries we divide,
Boundaries we divide.

The birds can fly over them all,
But we cannot jump over the wall,
And if you try, you won’t try again,
Trespasser will be added to your name,
Who owns what who gets to decide,
Boundaries we decide,
Boundaries we decide.

We cannot stop the rain, wind and snow,
But in name of land, the hatred we sow,
Out from the space, you won’t see these lines,
But on paper we draw them so fine,
And then we put wires so they can’t hide,
Boundaries we divide,
Boundaries we divide.

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