Saturday, 19 January 2013

Arise, awaken and break free

What is your caste?
Does it matter anyway?
Rise my nation, rise,
Kick this mindset away.
What is your religion?
Does it make you big or small?
Dig my nation, dig,
It’s time to bury it all.
Somebody said,
We all bleed and cry if hurt,
When we fall,
We all get up laden with dirt.

Rise my friends, rise,
Rise above this hypocrisy,
Live my country, live,
Live in a true democracy.

What is your caste?
Does it make you feel great?
Wake my nation, wake,
Let’s get out of this state.
What is your region?
Does it make you feel a king?
Forget my dear, forget,
Forget such petty things.
We all breathe,
We all take in the same air,
We all laugh if happy,
We all sulk in despair.

Rise my countrymen, rise,
Learn to love everyone,
Live my people, live,
Live a single religion.

The religion called humanity,
Let us all be one, let us all be free,
Pick the path to sanity,
Break the shackles, fly away free.


  1. If Only words like these are taken seriously and then taken into action....our country wil become a better place to live. Nevertheless, keep writing and spreading strong messages through amazing pieces of writing :))

  2. Arch, great call to rise and be free from labels and be all you can become! I've been to India and love your country! Rise India! Thanks Arch!