Thursday, 24 January 2013

It is your life

Just staring up at the ceiling,
You get in self the feeling,
Crawling, crumbling and kneeling,
Life feels so hollow.
No reason for you to live on,
Everyone shouting 'just give up',
You have to counter and live up,
Their voices will fall low.
It is your life, you have
the power to decide,
The path you will take,
Will be dark or of light.
It is your life, you have
to choose your own fate,
Will you fade into unknown?
Or glimmer as a great?
They will try to pull you down,
Push you in the sea to drown,
Desperate to make you frown,
Make you feel miserable.
Everytime you think of fighting,
They will try push you in hiding,
You have to escape like a lightning,
Script your own fable.
It is your life, you have
the power to write,
Pen your own story where
your every move is right.
It is your life, you have
your own song to sing,
Want to be just an audience,
Or want to be a king?


  1. Yeah....u r ryt...."It is your life"

    looks as if penned down for me...a replica of my life.....

    loved each n every word of it....:):)

  2. needed this poem just right now to encourage me out of a bad relation. thank you. :)