Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My pen, My sword, My ink, My blood

Every injustice shall make my words bleed,
Every visual shall plant a poem's seed,
In this world where ink is for sale,
I shall be the pen, the truth needs.

Unperturbed by the power of lies,
I shall let the truth free to fly,
Even if they deny me of ink,
My blood will write, till I die.

I wield my pen like a sword,
Mightier than the metal cold,
I will resist, I may perish,

My life is a price, truth can afford.

Road to resurrection

Somewhere along the way,
On the path I had taken,
I dropped all my desires,
All dreams were forsaken,
I wandered; mind squandered,
And time was victimized,
A jolt was what I needed,
As hope within me died,
But now that I have awakened,
Must delve into introspection,
I step out of my mirages,
Onto the road of resurrection.