Wednesday, 27 February 2013

MBBS : Year One

“This piece of wordplay is strictly for people of medical profession because only they can relate to and understand it.”

I still remember the day,
When the burning sun felt cool,
I would soon be a doctor,
I was happy, I was a fool,
My first step in college,
Was greeted by a swear,
Hairs chopped to minimal,
Living in constant fear,
As I took up the book,
BDC was its name,
I knew MBBS is hell,
And life was never the same,
I spent hours thinking,
What the Guyton tried to say,
And whatever I grasped,
Was soon washed away,
I had a look at harper,
I didn’t knew what to do,
I tried to grab it all,
And all away it flew,
Days turned in nights,
Nights rolled into days,
Came knocking on my door,
The frightening month of May,
I had a pile of books,
Sitting in front of me,
But all I could remember,
Was a word called ‘supply’,
I went in for viva,
Not a bone I could explain,
My months of toiling hard,
I felt were all in vain,
I do not how I did,
Clear the year I had,
It should have been terrible,
But it didn’t end so bad,
I began a new year,
Feeling a doc I am,
But 9 to 12 of torture,
Showed I never can,
I had a look at pharma,
The book was called KDT,
Drugs, drugs, drugs and drugs,
My brain just cried empty,
As I picked up the weight,
Robbins was its name,
I got that sinking feeling,
This year is the same.

Dignity Sacrificed

When I looked at this world, it felt like a stranger,
I think was lost in a jungle, and I am not a ranger,
I went beating a trail that no one’s going to follow,
And all the promises seemed to be hollow,
I had to put a struggle, yet couldn’t end my strife,
Such was the story of my life,
This world seemed to be, too hard to survive,
That’s when I made the sacrifice.

Dignity sacrificed,
Dignity sacrificed.

I shot down all the morals, that I had heeded,
I felt all that rubbish was just not needed,
If I have to make a bigger tomorrow,
I need to laugh on everyone’s sorrow,
Just look around and see, all those who had a rise,
Had their dignity sacrificed,
You may find it so untrue, but you’ll realize,
It is must to survive.

Dignity sacrificed,
Dignity sacrificed.

I was a king but I still felt like a pauper,
I had all the wealth, but my life wasn’t proper,
And I could barely catch a sleep in the night,
Wishing I hadn’t strayed and done what was right,
I should have never bowed; I should have given fight,
But then I didn’t realize,
I may now look alive, but inside I am crying,
I let my dignity die.

Dignity sacrificed,
Mistake realized.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Post #NEET syndrome

Sitting useless at home,
Not a job in sight,
I lose my patience slowly,
Shedding my will to fight,
Exam is stuck in a rut,
The court is sleeping sound,
The future I envisaged once,
Is struggling to hold the ground,
The mosquitoes do the best,
Sucking on blood remaining,
They too curse their damn luck,
This system hasn’t left much for draining.