Saturday, 16 February 2013

Human rights hypocrisy

I am a soldier,
Do you know me Mr. Human right?
I guard the borders,
So you can sleep in night,
I am not trigger happy,
And I too don’t want the fight.

I patrol the barbed fences,
Do you think I do it for myself?
If I needed to be safe,
I would be hiding like you as well,
So why do I risk my life?
Mr. Human right, will you please tell?

I too have a family,
Are you aware they exist?
Why do you only see the rights?
Of murderers, rapists and terrorists,
Why don’t you ever speak for me?
Truth, it seems, you love to resist.

Do you not speak of me?
Because it won’t get you known,
Why in the name of humanity?
Why only hypocrisy is shown?
It is my blood that irrigates remember,
The seeds of democracy you’ve sown.

Mr. Human right will you,
For once be a human being,
When the enemy takes away my head,
For my rights, will you scream?
I know it is a question vain,
But Mr. Human right, will you ever feel?


  1. Reminds me of Lt. Saurabh Kalia. Shame on India for having still not been able to deliver justice. Worse is that his post mortem report is still being kept under wraps.

  2. absolutely touching and very very true
    it is shame that Human Rights talk about every criminal and their rights, discuss age of rapists and advocate softness if they are juvenile though their crime may be heinous of highest category ( juvenile from no point ) ,....they talk about terrorists and murderers but never bother to talk about our soldiers, honest police officers and dedicated doctors working on border security, sensitive areas and emergencies.
    Hypocrisy at it's best !!!

    well written !