Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The heavens refuse to rain with me


It just doesn’t feel like,
The place I grew,
Where are those friends?
I wish I knew,
The walls are no longer green,
And the heavens refuse to rain with me.

I look at the sky,
It’s naked and blue,
It burns in shame,
I take my cue,
I can feel the water leaving me,
But the heavens refuse to rain with me.

It is not what I had in dreams,
Not the place where I lived free,
I must have lost my way to home,
Where I left the child, I used to be.

The faces look so unfamiliar,
Their eyes wondering why I am here,
And stranger is the word I can hear,
This place I can no longer bear.

I know I took the right road,
This road I can remember well,
But where is the tree house I built?
Where is that tree, will someone tell?

Blinded by the city lights,
I left myself behind,
And look around all that I may,
Even memories I cannot find,
I came crawling to the shade I wanted to feel,
But the heavens refuse to rain with me.