Friday, 15 February 2013

Colour of my Skin

I have listened to this evil all my life,
I am fair and man, you aren’t bright,
A thought always troubled my mind,
Why it matters, if I am black, brown or white?
Does it make me any less, if I have the shade?
If I am all burnt up and you are too fade,
Why is it an issue, of the colour I am wearing?
But the colour of my skin, I can never change.

It has been like this since forever,
White has always been treated better,
People bleaching self to colour bright,
Dark means bad and white is the light,
You are dark, no love you will get,
White is the skin of lover best,
You wear dark, you will always lurk,
In the shadows as white reaps success.

They sell brightness packed in tubes tiny,
Turn white, girls will flock, black stays whiny,
Being dark it seems, is a sin unpardonable,
No wonder these come with superstars on label,
Just take a look at matrimonial that exist,
Reflecting like a mirror, discrimination we commit,
Is being not milky white such a big sin?
Why still discriminate for the colour of the skin? 


  1. Indians still hungover on their ex Brit rulers... colonial hangover!