Sunday, 10 February 2013

Always by your side

When you have no hope,
Have no reason to live a life,
When you’ve lost all the smiles,
And you don’t wish to survive,
Just take my name and see,
Your tears will vaporize,
Just feel my hand in yours,
You will find a way to life,
By your side.

When you feel like you’ll drown,
Struggling in the middle of sea,
When your tears overflow,
Just put your trust in me,
Just call my name and see,
I will be your rescue boat,
I will gift you air to breathe,
I will carry you to shore.
Don’t be surprised.

When you find none to talk,
Have no one to share your thoughts,
When you feel you have no love,
Are confused and feel all lost,
Just think my name and see,
You will find your guiding star,
Just wait for me and believe,
I will never be too far,
From your side.

I will always be your side,
Always be by your side,
Just take a look inside,
You will find me on your side,
You will find me on your side.

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