Sunday, 3 February 2013

Is she not human?

Standing in a corner, she had a passing thought,
Is this all what I have been made for?
As I stand every night, to be picked by a stranger,
Every night, my body, my character is torn.

Every night I go, deeper into the mud,
Every night I am laid, nude and bare,
Every night I am, labeled as a shame,
Why doesn’t the world stop to care?

Why every year, girls like me suffer?
Why no one bothers to look into the causes?
Why girls like me walk down this dirty road?
Why do they think of only character losses?

No girl in this world wants to sell herself,
No girl wants to sleep with strangers in night,
Every girl wants to live this life with dignity,
Every girl wants to live the way that is right.

A car stops by, a devil peeps out smiling,
As she opens the door, to sit by his side,
Standing in that corner, she realized,
This world will never try, to see the light.


  1. Why......????? very thought provoking/....

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