Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Dignity Sacrificed

When I looked at this world, it felt like a stranger,
I think was lost in a jungle, and I am not a ranger,
I went beating a trail that no one’s going to follow,
And all the promises seemed to be hollow,
I had to put a struggle, yet couldn’t end my strife,
Such was the story of my life,
This world seemed to be, too hard to survive,
That’s when I made the sacrifice.

Dignity sacrificed,
Dignity sacrificed.

I shot down all the morals, that I had heeded,
I felt all that rubbish was just not needed,
If I have to make a bigger tomorrow,
I need to laugh on everyone’s sorrow,
Just look around and see, all those who had a rise,
Had their dignity sacrificed,
You may find it so untrue, but you’ll realize,
It is must to survive.

Dignity sacrificed,
Dignity sacrificed.

I was a king but I still felt like a pauper,
I had all the wealth, but my life wasn’t proper,
And I could barely catch a sleep in the night,
Wishing I hadn’t strayed and done what was right,
I should have never bowed; I should have given fight,
But then I didn’t realize,
I may now look alive, but inside I am crying,
I let my dignity die.

Dignity sacrificed,
Mistake realized.

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