Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Last Rain

I feel so trapped, can’t breathe in this rain,
I see the droplets, trickle down the panes,
I want to taste those little drops of love,
As they pour from the dark skies above.

I watch in gloom, as they die on the ground,
Trickling away into the sewers underground,
I want to run, and catch them in my hold,
Let them embrace me and make me cold.

I want to wash my splattered soul in this rain,
Start a new life; clean the cob-webs of my brain,
Let the skies click my new beginning tonight,
Roar in approval; tell me I am on the path right.

Wash me clean, like you wash that road,
Come rain, rid me, of all this load,
Come rain and dissolve all of my pain,
I want to live, start all over again.


  1. Splendid.............. :):)
    esp....dose lines: "I want to wash my splattered soul in this rain......

    i jss wonder why it has been named "The Last Rain"...when it so much speaks abt starting da life anew again!!!!!!!!

    any ways...EXCELLENT...:)

  2. I liked this a lot, I loved the image "splattered soul". I was wondering, how does rhyming work for you? All your rhymes seem to flow so smoothly - that never seems to work for me... how do you do it?