Friday, 22 February 2013

Condemn, criticize and compensate

Hello government,
Do you even care?
Do you know who am I?
What is the price of my life?

What is the slab I fit in?
If I am just grievously hurt,
Rendered cripple till death,
Are few lakhs enough for years left?

Hello government,
Do you even try?
Why lives get blown to smithereens?
Your intelligence is dead it seems.

What does the future hold?
For the orphans of terror strike,
Are few lakhs enough to educate?
Where knowledge is sold at high rates.

Hello government,
Yes it is cowardice,
But cowards you too are.
Condemning in words as enemy wages war.

Will there ever be a day?
When a life can rest assured,
Will you ever be able to foil?
An act of terror on own soil.

Hello government,
Do you ever grieve?
Or is it just another blast, another day?
Just condemn, criticize and compensate.

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