Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Best Day of Life

As the sun beamed in, filtering through the drapes,
I felt alive, opened my eyes, wide awake,
I threw the blanket off, got up on my feet,
I sensed the power, bubbling inside of me,
Kicked up the curtains, savoring the light,
This might be the, best day of my life.

The chirping birds, brought me back to world,
That splatter of rain, was all that could be heard,
The music of nature, simply charged my brain,
I could sense the power, rushing through my veins,
Threw open the window, savoring the sight,
This sure feels like, the best day of my life.

In this world of hurt, difficulties galore,
Hiding in every closet, tears we do store,
Forgotten how simple, is to flash a smile,
Captured in the race, chasing mirage for miles,
Just wake up every morning, rejoicing every time,
And every day will end up, as the best day of the life.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Fading Colors

Today, the country stands colored,
Rainbow faces everywhere,
Colored are the streets,
And color is in the air.

All hate lies forgotten,
All enmities are blurred,
Love is smeared on faces,
And every heart is colored.

Every step is a dance,
Music emanates in every word,
Sweetened are the tones,
And sweetness is served.

But underneath this mirage,
Lies the reality harsh,
The colors of life are faded,
And red are only scars.

A nation lies entrapped,
In its own rainbow lies,
Cause colored isn’t the face,
Of every infant who dies.

White are the faces,
All color drained by fear,
Wrinkled like a paper,
Bleached by the tears.

And try as we may,
To hide it all today,
The color is fast fading,
The future is dull grey.

But hope is still afloat,
And hold we pastel shades,
We will paint this world,
We, the youth of today.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

The agony of Bhagat Singh

I had a dream,
I fought for it,
I tried to break the shackles around,
I lived to die,
And die for a dream,
I wished to die on my free ground.

I laid my life at altar,
I shed my blood for her,
They tightened noose around my neck,
But my dream did not waiver.

I walked smiling through the gallows,
I sacrificed for the dream,
But is it the dream, I fought for,
My blood curdles and screams.

Is this the freedom I envisaged?
I see my dream being crushed,
I see my dream being mutated,
By my own sisters and brothers.

I wish I could be born again,
Ready as ever for that pain,
Ready to be hanged a million times,
Can’t see my sacrifice go in vain.

I plead to god, he answers no,
This country will not welcome you,
Speaking truth is anarchy for them,
They will call you an anarchist too.

No Gandhi, no Azad can breathe,
They will doubt your actions true,
This country bleeds for silver screen,
Not for Bhagat, Sukhdev and Rajguru.

Friday, 22 March 2013

The Katju Conundrum

90% Indians are fools,
Katju thundered,
Everyone looked at others,
Coyly wondered,
Am I in the majority?
Or the minor smarty,
Is this why in power?
The congress party,
A cat was let loose,
Like rats we scampered,
Those claims of our greatness,
Lay there tampered,
A nation outraged,
Tweeted abuse,
Katju was on fire,
Not amused,
And as the time passed,
Katju kept speaking,
Like a motor went his mouth,
Verbal diarrhea peaking,
And then he let loose,
The Sanjay Dutt volley,
A nation doubled over,
On the fact so jolly,
A nation breathed free,
Like a lion escaped from zoo,
Those 90% idiots,
Included Katju too.

Why this Hypocrisy??

I sin, I suffer,
You sin, you suffer,
Isn’t that how law works?
Aren’t we all the same?
But then why is one innocent,
Just cause of one’s fame.

Why do these sheep rally?
Why the outrage in air?
Did you not break a law?
Did you not cross the line?
So why they cry unfair?
When law slaps you a fine.

They cite your philanthropy,
They pray you be let free,
They jump in to defend,
Using your kids as shield,
But for them who died that day,
Did hearts their ever bleed?

So why this hypocrisy?
By those who cry for change,
If one of brother falls,
Why ‘country first’ is asleep,
And many died that day,
For whom none of you weep.


Broken is the view,
Humans we are not,
Travelling in a line,
Connecting someone’s dots,
We abuse, we shout,
No logic, no brains,
He blows the whistle,
We hop onto the train,
Like a sheep we follow,
Blind to the facts,
They know how to lead,
Us sheep with their tact,
Blunting our wisdom,
To the point of zero,
Sinking us in abyss,
Where fool appears as hero,
Like a herd of sheep,
We too move in herds,
Sanity is sacrificed,
Matters only the shepherd’s word,
Accepting the propaganda,
Ignoring all the reasons,
Together we move dragging,
The carcass of this nation.