Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Roses wither within a few days,
Wrinkles chase away all admirers,
But true friends last till you breathe,
And remember you ever after.

Some friends are like sunflowers,
Who look at you till world is gay,
But when the darkness fall around,
Look down on you, look away.

True friends are like lotuses,
Who stay with you even in mud,
Blossom for you, wither for you,
Only to be reborn as bud.

In day one finds a hundred flowers,
But in the night ‘a few’ bloom,
They attract the happy glow worms,
Their light chases away your gloom.

True friends are not as rare to find,
As flowers who bloom once in years,
Just give your love and trust to them,
And all the life you’ll hold them dear.

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  1. touching, awesome...really really aspiring writer you are...keep writing... waiting for some of your more...