Friday, 8 March 2013

A Globe without the Lines

I just ponder to self,
Wondering who am me?
Am I Indian or American?
Or just a human being?

I just wonder to self,
Wondering who I am?
Am I an Englishman or Arabian?
Or am I just a man?

So what if I am born in plains,
Or if I grew up in mountains,
What does it make me?
Who is going to define?
I don’t need the answers to it,
All I want is a ‘globe without the lines’

Let’s get rid of the barbed fence,
Let’s give rest to the border men,
Let’s erase the map of lines,
Let a new world be defined,
Let the borders disappear,
Let’s bid bye to nuclear fear,
Put the guns and bombs to rust,
Let the tanks gather dust.

Let’s take a stand,
Let there be no countrymen,
Make the world one,
One big happy heaven,
That is all I wish to see,
The future I would like,
Let’s pledge to dump the hate,
And build a globe without the lines.

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  1. अच्छा लिखा है आपने ।