Friday, 22 March 2013


Broken is the view,
Humans we are not,
Travelling in a line,
Connecting someone’s dots,
We abuse, we shout,
No logic, no brains,
He blows the whistle,
We hop onto the train,
Like a sheep we follow,
Blind to the facts,
They know how to lead,
Us sheep with their tact,
Blunting our wisdom,
To the point of zero,
Sinking us in abyss,
Where fool appears as hero,
Like a herd of sheep,
We too move in herds,
Sanity is sacrificed,
Matters only the shepherd’s word,
Accepting the propaganda,
Ignoring all the reasons,
Together we move dragging,
The carcass of this nation.


  1. mind blowing!! its awesome...
    its very touching..
    i feel so ashamed i am the sheep who cant do anything, though not a dumb one. trying my best to become the jackal...!

  2. Thank you miss but the fact that you were not offended by this piece is proof enough that you are not a sheep by any yardstick..