Monday, 18 March 2013

Is this how women feel in india now?

She waved, I stopped,
She got in, my eyes dropped,
She looked uncomfortably for space,
Eyed me, walking in slow pace,
She sat down next to me,
And I turned away my knee,
She acted as if breathing in fear,
As she adjusted, sliding near,
Her eyes doubted my very presence,
I looked out the window; tense,
I felt the negative vibes, broke a sweat,
Squirming in my corner, tried to adjust,
The horn blew and off we rolled,
I moved my arm, brushing her skin cold,
She flinched as if electrocuted by an eel,
Is this how in India, now the women feel?
Unsafe and scared, I just never knew,
She was just a passenger, I was too.


  1. You truly are what you claim, wordsmith. Nice post.

    1. Thank you for your appreciation of my mortal work

  2. Very nice.
    I like the way you play with words to weave a story in a small poem. It is something deep and very well portrayed.
    The way these incidents are on a rise, I'm sure many women feel unsafe while travelling alone, especially at odd hours & in a public transport. To see it from a man's eye was a different and refreshing change.
    Kudos !!