Friday, 15 March 2013

Stop Gender Wars

"Inspired by the legendary poem written by Rabindranath Tagore-Where the mind is without Fear'."

Where the men don’t fear women,
And the women can breathe free,
Where the feminists don’t exist,
And neither does misogyny,
Into that heaven my lord,
Let my country be awakened,
Gender lines are blurred,
And the life feels happy.

Where the women aren’t being raped,
Where women are free to move,
Where the khaps have burnt to cinders,
And love could blossom too,
Into that Valhalla, O God,
Let my country be awakened,
Where girls can wear their likes,
With no eye staring at you.

Where the men aren’t being hated,
Painted in the colour same,
Where feminists don’t bray for blood,
Their hatred mustn’t remain,
Into that Jannat, my Allah,
Let my country be awakened,
Where love isn’t throttled,
And two can play the game.

Where men may work in home,
And women can earn the bread,
Where children play with dad,
And mother tucks them into bed,
Into that Swarg, hey Ram,
Let my country be awakened,
Philogyny, philandry exist,
Misogyny, misandry are dead.


  1. And let my response not deter from the intense meaning here (speaking of my response on Google+) Your explanation of the laws you witness are real eye openers. Well written. Keep the dream alive.

    1. Thank you...i intend not only to keep my dream alive but fight for it as well

  2. 'Philogyny, philandry exist,
    Misogyny, misandry are dead'
    punchline at the ending is awesome..

    so true you said...
    must read my blogpost- 'India of my dreams' at

    1. thank you...will check out your blog today

  3. I enjoy the sentiments and structure of the poem.
    must read my blog "My Dearest Love"