Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sentenced to urbanisation

I remember my childhood days,
Rolling in the grass so green,
No matter how hard sun tried,
The trees well protected me,
As I lay in the embrace of their shade,
Covered by a sheet of air,
I never felt alone in the solitude,
I could sense the heaven there.

Where have those days gone by,
I still stand under the shade,
But there is cemented sky,
And beneath me stones are laid,
I can do nothing but sigh,
As I feel alone on road,
Listen to the deafening noise,
In that crowd I feel alone.

I remember those careless times,
Powdering myself with dirt,
Running behind those butterflies,
Sleeping on the naked earth,
As I lay in the lap of ground,
Staring at the skies so blue,
Searching faces in those clouds,
Finding faces in the moon.

Where have those days gone by,
I now stay awake with moon,
My eyes get burned up if I,
Look at blue sky in noon,
I just work, shout and cry,
And the life is no more fun,
I spend the nights wondering why,
To this world what we have done.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Monsters in khaki??

I call myself a poet,
I paint a picture through my words,
But lies my pen now comatose,
Can’t get what is wrong with world,
It wants to scribble agony,
It tries to vent out anger in me,
It cries and tries to write a word,
But ends up drawing geometry.

My pen just wails, hopeless and hurt,
But today its tears just flow away,
Leave the paper blank like the,
Hearts of monsters, who tried to pay,
Who tried to buy the silence of,
The dad whose girl is fighting death,
My pen just wants to draw a noose,
 A noose to stop those khaki breaths,
My pen says it knows the fate,
Of the barbarian who sinned and fled,
He will one day be buried in hell,
But what of those who quietly slept?
Is suspension justice enough?
Should they not be hanging too?
They who slept as angel cried,
Trapped in hell, as their tummies grew?

My pen tells me I am a fool,
Drop me, pick the sword and strike,
This system will always sleep,
No words can challenge Satan’s might,
Pick the sword and challenge law,
For law is just the power’s keep,
My pen lays restless through the night,
As khaki monsters go to sleep.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Justice delayed is justice denied

Wipe that smirk of your face, it makes 90000 pair of eyes cry

CJI needs to re read basic law ethics

Dear Mr. CJI,
How do you sleep?
When you go on forcing,
90000 to weep,
You think you do the justice,
Guess what you are naïve,
Go back and read the law,
Justice delayed is justice denied,
Guess you have no connection,
With the plight of us docs,
And we need not your concern,
We prefer the tears of a croc,
You keep dilly-dallying,
You play with our lives,
And smell the burning morals,
As we shred the Hippocrates inside,
So will you take the blame?
For our sleepless nights,
Or will you finally man up,
And serve the verdict right.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Where is that Eternal Sunshine??


It is so dark around,
We can’t see at all,
And the lamps on the street,
Make us stumble and fall,
We wait for the time,
But the flame’s going out,
Wake up, from your sleep,
And please hear our call.

Open your fists raise your palm,
In the want of sun we are dying,
Help us O god, save your world,
We long for that, eternal sunshine.

The snake called religion,
Is choking us for breath,
And your homes on the earth,
Are crumbling to death,
The world you had built,
Is just falling apart,
With our coffins on our back,
We stitch our on wreath.

Open your eyes let out the light,
In the wait of day, we are crying,
Help us O god, save your world,
We long for that, eternal sunshine.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Poisonous words

Angry, disturbed I sit in the dark,
Feeling my life is a worthless junk,
Every memory now seems an error,
Was every step taken drunk?

I fear the morning that lies ahead,
Fear my hours of working there,
I tremble walking through that door,
The confident me, now hides in fear.

So what if I made a mistake,
I am a human, can’t I err?
But the way you bullied me,
Makes me question my own worth.

Your words like knife, did chop my smile,
Decibel high, they cut and maim,
With head hung low, I fumble more,
Your spit on me validates the claim.

I wish you could be a helping hand,
Pat my back and say it’s fine,
I wish you could remember the quote,
To err is human, to forgive is divine.