Monday, 8 April 2013

The Fair(Y) warning

In a dark moonless night,
I sat in a darker room,
With darkness shrouding mind,
And thoughts dark with gloom,
And there was a flash of light,
The room filled with a beam,
Culled my restlessness,
Was it merely a dream?
Lo and behold, there was,
A fairy in my room,
Sacred light emitting from her,
Killed all my internal gloom,
She flew and came near,
Spoke in a voice never heard,
A voice sweeter than that of birds,
And sacred felt her every word,
“Hello my friend”, the fairy said,
‘Who are thee?’ I mumbled; stared,
 But no reply did fairy gave,
Watched me with a face so grave,
A hundred years are all that’s left,
And there won’t exist a creature,
She warned me in a trembling voice,
Cause there won’t be left this nature,
Humans will finally disappear,
So will the birds, the animals too,
Death shall do the lonely walk,
In empty houses, empty zoo,
If the man won’t put an end,
To the rape of dying nature,
He will be bound to pay the fine,
With death in the near future,
The time will come, make no mistake,
There won’t be any air around,
Life in all its diverse ways,
Will be lying covered in shroud,
The time will come, O dear,
Life will do the dance of death,
No soul will take a step, no more,
No life will take a whiff of breath,
No leaf will dance, no wind will blow,
No fruit will grow to be eaten,
No flower will bloom and smell,
No heartbeat will be heard then,
No water will flow in rivers,
No wave will beat against the rocks,
No tree will rise, no peak will snow,
The creation of god will stand mocked,
The earth will be left to weep,
A vast wasted barren land,
The mighty oceans will stay dry,
The planet, a mass of bones and sand,
“I beg you”, the fairy did plead,
Save it dear, if you can,
Or after just a hundred years,
I will weep the loss of man,
She turned around, ready to leave,
But stood back for I spoke to her,
Who are thee, O gentle fairy?
She replied, “I am fairy nature”,
And just so you won’t forget my plea,
I shall gift you a precious thing,
Handed me a leaf so green,
And flapped her white majestic wings,
Up towards the heaven she flew,
Unblinking eyes, I looked at her,
Pinched myself in disbelief,
I had met the fairy nature,
And then I reflected at what,
She had said, found it true,
If we don’t stop this lust,
No life in the broth shall brew,
Visualizing the future grim,
Worried, I sunk in my thoughts,
The gloom I felt was amplified,
Turbulence, the peace was lost,
Fighting the truth we all deny,
I fell asleep, wandered in dreams,
Drifted to a watering hole,
Covered by the towering greens,
And thence came a monsters few,
Chopped down guardians standing tall,
Poisoned water, fired din,
Around me animals began to fall,
I woke up breathing fear and death,
Brow wet with sweat, eyes ready to weep,
Promised self, plant trees next morning,
Determined, I went back to sleep.


  1. I absolutely love this! Well done!

  2. Wordsmith, a great poem and timely warning to the world. On the same subject I wrote "THINK FOR A WHILE" very recently. Please double click on my profile and read. I must congratulate you for warning the world through beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing. My yesterday posting is "MY HISTORY IN THE WOMB". If you like may read.