Friday, 5 April 2013

The Butchering Goddess

She stared at her womb,
Eyes greedy; gleaming,
A smile she offered,
Inside joyously screaming,
Gleefully motioned,
To the opposite chair,
The father apprehensive,
Mother in morbid fear,
She was now a master,
She read them well,
Mind wandering to greens,
Dreamt her fortunes swell,
He spoke in hushes,
She responded in affirmation,
Planned together,
A heinous operation,
She worked out a deal,
Like a vegetable vendor,
Smiled in hell, the Satan,
As her soul surrendered,
Reached they an agreement,
The doomsday was set,
Her thirst for the blood,
Drowned her regret.

Came the day of devil,
He brought her ready,
She handed reassurances,
Her demeanor steady,
The nurse prepped up the OT,
As she put on the gloves,
The angels began wailing,
In the skies above,
She walked in to butcher,
To feast on her sin,
As the nurse shut the chamber,
Cordoning of the din,
She peaked on adrenaline,
In that house of slaughter,
Cutting of the cord,
Of yet another daughter,
And when out she stepped,
Her hands were sparkling clean,
But clean weren’t those eyes,
Bloodied, remorselessly gleamed,
The father stood relieved,
His burden was disposed,
Handed over the niceties,
Like she had proposed,
And when she returned home,
Cuddled up her daughter,
She had forgotten the blood,
Forgotten the slaughter.

Not a tear of regret fell,
Not a hint of remorse,
As she slept content with self,
Her lust screaming for more.


  1. Fantastic! And i say that... with moist eyes. I feel lucky for the parents I got. For being born a healthy baby to a healthy mother, and for being given a good life and a sense of self-worth. You got me on this one, arch...

    1. Thank you doc..really really thank you.
      Every man must always feel indebted to his mother and respect girls and womens

  2. Extremely good work, an eye opener!

  3. Wordsmith, A very sensitive naration of what is happening in my country. I congratulate you to take this issue in your poetry and raised your voice. I suggest you to please read my post on similar subject "Birth of a Woman". I once again thank you for writing heartfelt poem.

  4. Is hakeekat se vaakif sab hai lekin hakeekat ke in pehluo jo jis kadar tum shabdo mai pirote ho woh kaabiletaarif.. Sach ko jis sacchai ke saath tum likhte ho hum mantramughd hai tumhari kala se..

    1. thank you doc...I just hope my work can help atleast one such doctor to repent

  5. damn! bro, a poignant retelling of the dark side of our hypocritical standards. touched a chord somewhere. I have a daughter, who is not with me, yet I feel blessed everyday that she is a part of my life. the best punishment for idiots that don't want a daughter, is that they won't get one either.

  6. very nice work.. exposing hypocrisy of our society ... Butchering Goddess !! amazing lines !

  7. Got goosebumps.Why youth are so helpless in India? Mother, father, doctor ...rise above greed....Great expression.

  8. Got goosebumps.Why youth are so helpless in India? Mother, father, doctor ...rise above greed....Great expression.

  9. This is so heart wrenching and true, inspite of the fact that we have become so modern and technologically advanced, we are using the technology for wrong things in a shameless manner. We dont realise that we are commiting crimes against humanity and this is the reason for all ills of the society.
    You have raise a very valid issue plaguing our society!

    'Smiled in hell, the Satan,
    As her soul surrendered' - these lines beautifully capture the reason for our indifference and lack of remorse.

  10. Oh My god !! This one gave me goosebumps.

    Perfectly woven, as it should have been, it is touching as well as terrifying. What has happened to our society that even women don't think twice before stooping so low ?!!
    The words that you have used and the effect they create speaks a lot about you as a writer. Awesome !!
    I just hope that laws be stricter and people follow their own moral code to shake their souls and stop this barbarism.

    The poem is crisp and very very nicely written. Words seem less when I praise it. Thanks for writing such a brilliant peice.

    Keep writing :)