Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sentenced to urbanisation

I remember my childhood days,
Rolling in the grass so green,
No matter how hard sun tried,
The trees well protected me,
As I lay in the embrace of their shade,
Covered by a sheet of air,
I never felt alone in the solitude,
I could sense the heaven there.

Where have those days gone by,
I still stand under the shade,
But there is cemented sky,
And beneath me stones are laid,
I can do nothing but sigh,
As I feel alone on road,
Listen to the deafening noise,
In that crowd I feel alone.

I remember those careless times,
Powdering myself with dirt,
Running behind those butterflies,
Sleeping on the naked earth,
As I lay in the lap of ground,
Staring at the skies so blue,
Searching faces in those clouds,
Finding faces in the moon.

Where have those days gone by,
I now stay awake with moon,
My eyes get burned up if I,
Look at blue sky in noon,
I just work, shout and cry,
And the life is no more fun,
I spend the nights wondering why,
To this world what we have done.

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  1. bahut acchi likhi hai. padh k gaon ki yaad aa gayi