Saturday, 24 September 2016


A "Liberal" welcome

Please don't kill the zombies
Let 'em burn down your culture
Don't resist the infestation
Let them pick you like a vulture
There is nothing wrong with them,
They just want all humans dead,
They are poor mental patients,
Who want to bleed you red,
It has nothing to do with a virus,
All viruses are the same,
They burned their lands to ashes,
So they come here to maim,
Please let them in your house,
They are hungry and sick,
And if you don't open the door,
You'll be branded zombiephobic.

The Virus spreads

The Invasion

You are destined to surrender,
You are expected to bend,
Compliance is expected,
Your life will start to rend,
And if you do protest,
Liberals will shout you down,
Force you into a silence,
As zombies tear your town,
The landscape will change,
To suit their bloodied needs,
Laden with liberal guilt,
You'll be forced to concede,
So let them take a bite,
As the apocalypse ticks,
You have nowhere to hide,
Die! You zombiephobic.

The Future