Friday, 8 March 2013

Stop the War

Death walking through the streets,
With only rubble under its feet,
The roads are painted red,
And every corner is dead,
The air is putrid with smoke,
Even birds are beginning to choke,
What once was a spot of life,
Is blotted and ill defined.

The eyes are lined with black,
But ‘tis not kohl but char,
The night is falling but,
No one’s out to see the stars,
Stop! Stop! Please stop the war!

In the heat of the fire,
For someone’s ill desire,
Children can no longer play,
Their eyes are drying away,
Men and women alike,
Waiting for end of life,
Watching their houses crumble,
On their dead ones they stumble.

Can’t they listen to cries?
As the reaper keeps on to rise,
Will the night ever end?
Will there ever be a sunrise?
The night is counting dead,
Unblinking eyes staring at stars,
Stop! Stop! Please stop this war!

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