Thursday, 14 February 2013


I had a look at the towering sky,
It created in me a budding desire,
One day I will be kissing that high,
Inside kept burning that fire,
In my dreams I could see,
Myself sleeping on the clouds,
I touched the moon, kissed the sun,
I could fly in peace all around,
That day finally came indeed,
I tried to climb out of the hell,
Standing tall the Everest bellowed,
Can you make your dream real?
So began my tryst with destiny,
My knees ached and asked to stop,
But the heart beckoned to carry on,
I could hear the call of the frozen top,
I braved the chills, faced the winds,
Sleeping and eating at thousand feet,
I tasted snow, I drank the ice,
Went on though my nose began to bleed,
The wind tried to stop my ascent,
Filled snow in boots, snow in my clothes,
Could hardly see, could barely breath,
Snow in my eyes, snow in my nose,
But I kept pushing on and on,
My courage never allowed me to sag,
For this dream I wanted to live,
The dream I lived as I planted my flag,
And up there did I ponder,
If a man can overcome the odds so big,
Why is it hard for peace below?
Why songs of love are hard to sing?

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