Thursday, 3 October 2013

When Heroes Fall

When angels turn out to be,
The devil incarnate,
When lies exposed the villain,
In that hero you prayed,
When mirror lies broken,
That image stands tattered,
You see the grim reality,
In all reflections scattered,
When hero that you idolised,
Falls in front of your eyes,
When darkness seems the victor,
The light within you dies.

Yes you stand muted,
Truth hits you in the face,
You watch in sheer despair,
As hero slays its grace,
You try hard to control,
But mind won’t simply rest,
You try and justify,
Why hero failed the litmus test?
That hero whom you idolised,
Has spoiled the way you pictured life,
Your heart afraid of darkness,
Your morals wither out and die.

When heroes fall they don’t just fall alone,
They fall down taking with them millions of hopes,
They drag down with self, the future they did mould,
They fall leaving back, hearts broken and cold,
They float in their shame, as hopes drown in eyes,
The sun hides away, and blank are the skies,
But little do they care, their egos reign supreme,
Armour of arrogance replaces the humble sheen,
And shameless they survive, the fall just continues,
They milk their infamy, and sell our tears too,
Safe in their bubble, they watch us lit the pyre,
When heroes fall they live, mocking death of our desires.

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