Sunday, 27 October 2013

Wait for your death

Don’t step out of house,
Don’t go to the shop,
Stay away from the crowd,
Stay afraid round the clock,
No place is safe,
No heart feels free,
They have bombs in the bin,
Bombs tied to the tree,
One in the shop below,
One in the cycle stand,
One where you’re not,
And one where you stand,
Where will you hide?
Where will you sleep?
You’re destined to die,
You’re destined to weep.

What the government wants,
We should die in calm,
They dole out the cheques,
Adding salt in the balm,
They don’t care we live,
They don’t care we die,
They’ll do nothing,
They have their Z and Y,
And we common men,
Want to beg them please,
Don’t play politics,
On the dead and bereaved,
Please don’t go soft,
For the sake of your votes,
Make us feel secure,
We don’t need your notes.

But wait for your death,
Cause deaf rule the land,
Heads buried in sand,
So wait for your death,
Like caged in a zoo,
They don’t care for me and you.

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