Friday, 6 September 2013

Tiger vs Dragon

Will dragon roast the tiger?
Or will tiger bite his tail?
Will robot finally gear up?
Or continue as fail?

The dragon’s fast approaching,
Eating up our land,
The robot lies defunct,
Not caring for our sands.

They said it’s just acne,
And we shouldn’t be bothered,
The dragon pushes forward,
And tiger backs down clobbered.

The dragon stares us down,
The robot speaks in hushes,
Afraid to raise his voice,
Cause dragon brutally crushes.

The robot squeaks and whimpers,
As dragon roars out loud,
The tiger meekly surrenders,
Stitches up his own shroud.

And no, tiger ain’t coward,
Coward are those who hold,
The leash of tiger firmly,
Trembling; don’t let it go.

Just once if for a moment,
Their grip would slightly loosen,
Tiger will show the dragon,
Wrong enemy he has chosen.

Tiger will shred to pieces,
Dragon will run and cry,
But coward is the robot,
Valor he doesn’t try.

The dragon laughs out fire,
The tiger rues his fate,
Will robot ever speak up?
Or maybe it is too late?