Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Nature's revenge

Denuded now the guardians stand,
Stripped of swords and shields they bore,
Watch they in sheer helplessness,
The death knocks at the door,
Watch they in pure agony,
As water gentle wages war,
If only man had buried greed,
And not denuded guardians all.

Water breaks our arrogance,
Our lust, our pride is drowning down,
We raped the land, we stripped it bare,
The water challenges our crown,
We stand our hands up in the air,
We plead to god, he won't hear,
The water cuts the guardians deep,
We watch in awe, we watch in fear.

The clouds are bursting in the rage,
The thunder gods are rumbling,
Our lust has torn apart the calm,
The God's abode is crumbling,
But question still does remain,
Will we hear the warning bell,
Or is it too late to be awake?
God is waiting for us in hell.


  1. Another soul stirring poem!! Applause to you, archwordsmith! :)

    If I can take the liberty to critique your poem, I'd like to say a few things... Firstly, I felt there were a few word/phrase repetitions while reading. For example- our lust, being stripped, etc. Also, I'd love to hear more about this impact of deforestation, or should I say, about the 'impacts of the impact'. Just a mention perhaps, it could leave a mark as you build up the scene so beautifully!
    All in all it's a wonderful poem! Thanks for sharing! Please keep writing more, I love your work! <3

  2. very well written....thought provoking and very sensitive !!
    The question remains -- did we hear the warning bell ?? *beautiful lines* but the answer is "probably not "
    The greed and the lust have overpowered the sense of responsibility and that asks for the price that we are paying now !!

    I always like the efforts you take for writing on burning topics...

  3. This poem along with the pictures moved me to tears. When will men's greed end? When they've ruined everything beautiful in the world? How much is enough?

  4. Wonderful poem, you should enter it in some contest, a sure fire winner.