Saturday, 1 June 2013

The Chirping Sycophants

So you jump in to defend,
So you shout out to support,
Lowering yourself to lows,
That even you didn't know before,
And yet you don't realize,
As you murder the shame within,
Chest beating, Desperation leaking,
You lay the arguments paper thin.
You lick the boots of the high,
Into the abyss you sink down,
You stare up at the master mighty,
They don't see you as you drown,
Yet you fail to see through lies,
As you lay your self-esteem to rest,
You go on chirping sycophancy,
Faltering in the honor test.
You carry on wasting your life,
Blinded by your master's glow,
Failing to open your eyes,
Never seeing their real hollow,
You could have scaled the peaks,
But you kept sinking, serving them,
You could have kept your head held high,
But lowered it, turned sycophant.


  1. Superbbb !!
    It's strange where and how people compromise on their values, morals, principles and self respect......or do they have none ??
    Well written and perfect play with words, as always ! It takes a lot to write on burning issues.
    Keep it up :)

  2. well written. life is seriously one big pain in the ***