Thursday, 27 June 2013

Dead don't vote

Hey you now what? People died,
Oh! Well let me practice to cry,
I shall keep a sombre face,
Elections are just months away,
Hey you know what? People died,
Later!! I am still learning to cry.

Let me try that elegant bird,
Watch down in glee, the people hurt,
Watch them staring up helpless,
Robot! Don’t forget the press,
And you shall come with me too,
This painful face will surely do.

But madam, it’s all I can express,
I wear the mask of depressed,
But yes let’s take a bird’s eye view,
I hope we see a vultures few,
And hold back those meds for pain,
The prince is frolicking in Spain.

Oh so you will fly in plane,
Well I shall play the superman,       
They’ll oversell the steps I take,
Read the trash my trolls can make.

Ha!!Ha!! You think you’ll succeed,
We’ll let them die in want of need,
No we won’t take your chopper’s help,
People are born to live in hell,
And in the hell, they must die,
We need them stuck till prince can fly.

Oh hello here I come,
Let’s flag these trucks off to London,
Wonder why English need our funds,
Wait! What? UK is uttarakhand?
Now I have to go and meet?
In whose house will I get to eat?
Why army doing rescue op?
Hail the prince!! On knees we drop.

Let me put the blame on you,
And you can go blaming me too,
Let’s get ugly in the newsroom,
Let’s mock all that death and gloom,
And even vultures are feeling shy,
As VVIPs in choppers, fly.



  1. Very touching. Especially the last line - Vultures are feeling shy !

    Bleak situation and very depressing, since morning, I've been reading of horror stories from the rescued people in Uttarkhand. It's devastating.

  2. Even the vultures are feeling shy!! Amazing man..:)

  3. Excellent thoughts nicely put in words I wish the Prince reads this

  4. Lovely poem. Politics is the art of displaying relevant emotions or sentiments. You have brought out that theme wonderfully.

  5. absolute.
    its neat and dashes towards the stark reality of Indian Politics.
    all they care is about vote/note bank.
    people?? what people.
    tremendous effort archit.
    hats off to u man.

  6. Amazing man. Two things are always in my mind one is myself and another the declination of so called rising india bcoz of this bloody vote bank politics.I hope ppl will understand the artificial tears are even cheaper then water and they ll caste their costly vote for the right person.Was off frm twitter but cant stop myself to read the truth in words of a warrior. Pls DM ur no it ll be great if i keep getting link of ur things.Hats off