Monday, 24 June 2013

Water-Water everywhere

Water-Water everywhere,
Not a drop to drink,
Wasted in wetting the paste,
Drowning in the sink,
Water-Water everywhere,
Not a drop to irrigate,
Stagnating in swimming pools,
Water goes to waste,
Water-Water everywhere,
Packed in plastic; sold,
Withering crops watch in pain,
Dumped in cola cold,
Water-Water everywhere,
Sewage falling in,
Poisoning the life that flows,
That water is smelling,
Water-Water everywhere,
No body cares for it,
Religion at the river bank,
Doesn’t give a shit,
Water-Water everywhere,
The north keeps dying,
River linking just a dream,
Southern throats are drying,
Water-Water everywhere,
No body seems to care,
When water screams in anger,
We cower in fear,
Water-Water everywhere,
Ignorance is bliss,
When water will be history,
This life, the earth will miss.


  1. Nice post. Include me in your mission also.

  2. Pertinent. People simply fail to understand the importance of water, of safeguarding it, instead of merely calling rivers "holy".

  3. Nice and apt.
    It's a pity that water which should have been the most easily available, free resource on this earth has become so scarce that the picture is very dreadful.
    It's a man-created crisis and it's high time we realise our responsibility !!

  4. Nice one ... showing the importance of water ...
    The short poem was also good !

  5. Great post! People take water for granted thinking that there will always be an unlimited supply. They don't get it.

  6. One of the finest and most thought-provoking poems on this blog. Water is a renewable resource and yet we have water scarcity,even in places where rainfall is abundant. A simple thing like harvesting of rain water can help us save tonnes and gallons of water, meet shortage, and channelise water where it is needed the most. Wonder why all don't do it?