Saturday, 11 May 2013


Why do you pretend?
Why these din and cry?
Why waste our lives?
Just order us to die.

You slug it out in house,
You speak and debate,
Trading in the charges,
Bartering the blames.

You fool a billion idiots,
You ain’t any Einstein,
And yet you take for ride,
A billion brilliant minds.

But are we any brilliant,
Or just on ego trip,
You pour the oil in path,
We see, we walk and slip.

We slip, we pass the blame,
We fight it out, we tweet,
Updating our status,
As you satisfy your greed.

We follow like a sheep,
Bleating how we are great,
In nothing we exist,
You mock our sorry fate.

And plead we today,
Just tell us we are slaves,
Rip our throats and drink,
Our blood you want to taste.

But stop this damn theatre,
Enough of twinkling lies,
Tell us we are doomed,
Only politicians deserve a life.


  1. The best part about your writing is the weaving of words in a wonderful lyrical thread.
    Whatever the topic, you are perfect at expressing your thoughts in a clear way and that is the quality of a good writer.
    The angst, the shock, the irritation is justified but I believe that not only poliicians, it is the case with everyone in India today. Actors, celebs, cricketers, novelists, everyone wants to take the audience for a ride and it is we, the aam aadmi, common man who is projected as 'most intelligent' but ends up being fooled always !!
    My opinion.

    Well written :)) Keep writing.