Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Youth Revolts

No chains, no cage, can hold us back,
There’s no stopping us, once we get on the track,
Move out of the way, all you old and raddled,
It’s time to go vroom, enough have you paddled,
We allowed you to keep this world for too long,
Always hoping you will make it green and strong,
But failed you have, and flopped in such a way,
We’ll have to sink the moon, to start a brand new day,
You may call us rookie, immature or what,
Our spring, your autumn, we deserve this shot,
The world awaits, it’s time to change the guard,
Miles to be travelled, thank you for your yards,
A lot of water has flown in the rivers that flow,
Time to milk the seas; it’s time for you to go.
Cause it’s our time.

You were handed the charge, with lots of hope,
Look at what you did; we’re the only scope,
You gave us al-Qaeda; you gave us 9/11,
Trapped doves in a cage, stabbed keys to the heaven,
All the olive branches were burnt to the cinder,
A bomb for a bullet, and the peace was hindered,
No Gandhi, no Teresa, ever came to your mind,
Osama bin laden spoke from everyone’s behind,
A half turned fanatics, mislead by what was taught,
The other half were made by the reason you fought,
A lot of snow has melted on the mountains that glow,
Have to freeze back the glaciers, time for you to go,
Cause it’s our time.

1 comment:

  1. How did i miss this one? Another brilliant piece of work! This motivated me, i can now feel some fire within. Okay this is kind of unrelated but certain portions of this poem also inspired me to study more and to create revolutionary advances in my field!! The youth of this country need to wake up n get working. All of them! All of us* I mean. Who says India cannot become a superpower!