Sunday, 27 April 2014

Let it rain

Let it rain,
O clouds! I am parched,
You shadow my sky,
I stand crumpled and starched,
I gaze at thee,
My lips wrinkled and chapped,
It has been a while,
I have showered and clapped,
Why do you mock?
This thirsty skin I wear,
You roar and laugh,
As I try to save my tears,
Where were you gone?
It has been too long, I’ve smiled,
Let it rain,
In your wait dreams have died,
Let it rain,
The wells, the ponds are frying,
The land is grieving helpless,
As the baby crops are dying,
Let it rain,
O clouds! Only you we trust,
The life is dry and wrinkled,
As our masters scrape our crust.