Sunday, 5 July 2015

A tale of 2 journalists

1 was murdered,
burnt alive,
he killed me,
on camera he cried,
his soul departed,
hope intact,
to get me justice,
my brethren will rise,
he hovered over the lutyens,
like a cloud ready to burst,
his tears poured out,
his death was never heard.

the second expired,
heart attack maybe,
or was he poisoned,
the truth seemed hazy,
lutyens exploded,
obituaries read,
primetime screamed,
justice was pledged,
the brethren promised,
the 2nd who deceased,
while the 1st watched,
his character being peeled.

And this is the tale of,
2 journalists who died,
why was one ignored,
while for other the pen cried?
was it because the former,
had died in a secular state?
while the latter was in communal,
though he may have died of fate?
this dear friends is how,
the lutyens plays the game,
the tale of 2 journalists,
will always be the same.


  1. Brilliant! I'm giving you a standing ovation!

    1. Thank you dear friend. This poem is based on real life events in my country.